Fichiers DLL commençant par R

Nom de fichier La description Téléchargements
Ra32.dll Core Support Library for RealAudio® 1618
RacEngn.dll Reliability analysis metrics calculation engine 953
racpldlg.dll Microsoft Fjarrhjalp 2484
RacWmiProv.dll Reliability Metrics WMI Provider 2421
radardt.dll Microsoft Windows Resource Exhaustion Detector 3102
radarrs.dll Microsoft Windows Resource Exhaustion Resolver 3503
RADCUI.dll RemoteApp and Desktop Connection UI Component 604
rads.dll N/A 4838
Ragui32.dll High-level Support Library for RealAudio® 4324
rapi.dll Mobile Device Remote API 2881
rapilib.dll RSVP Libary 1.0 DLL 512
RarExt.dll WinRAR shell extension 592
rasadhlp.dll Remote Access AutoDial Helper 3538
Rasapi16.dll N/A 1320
rasapi32.dll Remote Access API 2722
rasauto.dll Remote Access AutoDial Manager 3721
rascfg.dll RAS Configuration Objects 4970
raschap.dll Remote Access PPP CHAP 690
raschapext.dll Windows Extension library for raschap 4821
rasctrs.dll Windows NT Remote Access Perfmon Counter dll 2618
rascustom.dll Custom Protocol Engine 2120
RASDD.DLL Raster Common Printer Driver DLL 4905
RASDDUI.DLL Raster Common Printer Driver UI DLL 3531
rasdiag.dll RAS Diagnostics Helper Classes 655
rasdlg.dll Remote Access Common Dialog API 4429
rasgcw.dll RAS Wizard Pages 1769
rasman.dll Remote Access Connection Manager 4033
rasmans.dll Remote Access Connection Manager 1577
rasmbmgr.dll Provides support for the switching of mobility enabled VPN connections if their underlying interface goes down. 3587
RasMigPlugin.dll Microsoft RRAS Server Migration Lib 3906
RASMM.dll RAS Media Manager 4606
rasmontr.dll DLL-fil for fjarratkomstovervakaren (RAS) 1082
rasmxs.dll Remote Access Device DLL for modems, PADs and switches 4239
rasplap.dll RAS PLAP Credential Provider 2216
rasppp.dll Remote Access PPP 864
rasqec.dll RAS Quarantine Enforcement Client 1297
rasrad.dll Remote Access Service NT RADIUS client module 4226
rassapi.dll Windows NT 4.0 Remote Access Administration DLL 4684
rasser.dll Remote Access Media DLL for COM ports 3905
rastapi.dll Remote Access TAPI Compliance Layer 2130
rastls.dll Remote Access PPP EAP-TLS 2500
rastlsext.dll Windows Extension library for rastls 3468
rcbdyctl.dll Microsoft Fjarrhjalp 3525
rcbklt8.dll Ricoh Print Class Driver Booklet Filter 4605
RcEngine.dll Smith Micro QuickLink Mobile 2389
rcnup8.dll XPSDrv Sample NUp Filter 1107
rcres8.dll Ricoh Print Class Driver Resource File 4189
rcrevrs8.dll N/A 3195
rcrpcs.dll XPS Rasterization Service XPS to RPCS raster filter 901
rdbui.dll ReadyBoost UI 1552
rdchost.dll RDSHost Client Module 4532
rdpcfgex.dll Remote Desktop Session Host Server Connection Configuration Extension for the RDP protocol 4096
rdpcore.dll RDP Core DLL 1002
rdpcorekmts.dll TS (KM) RDPCore DLL 1481
rdpcorets.dll TS RDPCore DLL 1477
rdpd3d.dll RDP Direct3D Remoting DLL 1004
rdpdd.dll RDP Display Driver 969
RDPENCDD.dll RDP Encoder Mirror Driver 4895
rdpencom.dll RDPSRAPI COM Objects 1136
rdpendp.dll RDP Audio Endpoint 1635
RDPREFDD.dll Microsoft RDP Reflector Display Driver 2435
rdprefdrvapi.dll Reflector Driver API 2242
RdpSaPs.dll RDP Session Agent Proxy Stub 1876
rdpsnd.dll MultiMedia-drivrutin for Terminal Server 1272
rdpudd.dll UMRDP Display Driver 4291
rdpwsx.dll RDP Extension DLL 1986
RDSAppXHelper.dll Remote Desktop AppX Scheduler Helper DLL 1123
rdsdwmdr.dll Microsoft Remote Desktop Services Desktop Composition Component 2546
rdvgu1132.dll Microsoft RemoteFX Virtual GPU 1541
rdvgumd32.dll Microsoft RemoteFX Virtual GPU 3475
rdvidcrl.dll Remote Desktop Services Client for Microsoft Online Services 1805
rdvvmtransport.dll RdvVmTransport EndPoints 4749
ReAgent.dll Microsoft Windows Recovery Agent DLL 3023
ReAgentTask.dll Microsoft Windows Recovery Agent Task Handler 3380
recdvd.dll Movie backup core 1664
recovery.dll Recovery Control Panel 3436
RecoveryRar.dll N/A 2773
regapi.dll Registry Configuration APIs 1078
RegCtrl.dll RegCtrl 4407
regex2.dll Libregex: searches for and matches text strings 809
regidle.dll RegIdle Backup Task 3823
regsvc.dll Remote Registry Service 4899
REGSVR32.DLL Visual Basic Setup Toolkit Library DLL 3439
RegUtils.dll N/A 2620
regwizc.dll Modul for Registreringsguiden 4090
ReInfo.dll Microsoft Windows Recovery Info DLL 825
RelMon.dll Reliability Monitor 3394
remotepg.dll Remote Sessions CPL Extension 3797
RemoveDeviceContextHandler.dll Devices & Printers Remove Device Context Menu Handler 3509
RemoveDeviceElevated.dll RemoveDeviceElevated Proxy Dll 1911
rend.dll Microsoft Rendezvous Control 4024
repdrvfs.dll WMI Repository Driver 2005
Res_Dll.dll Res_Dll 1882
res_msgr.dll Yahoo! Messenger 4986
RESAMPLEDMO.DLL Windows Media Resampler 1847
reseteng.dll Microsoft Windows Reset Engine 1179
resetengmig.dll Microsoft Windows Reset Engine Mig Wrapper 2088
ResIL.dll N/A 1454
resource.dll RESOURCE Tool 4973
ResourceDll.dll Microsoft IME 651
resutils.dll Microsoft Cluster Resource Utility DLL 4598
rfxvmt.dll Microsoft RemoteFX VM Transport 1102
rgb9rast.dll N/A 2382
rgss102e.dll N/A 3559
RGSS102J.dll N/A 2499
RGSS104E.dll N/A 596
RGSS200E.dll RGSS2 Core 559
RGSS200J.dll RGSS2 Core 3626
RGSS202E.dll RGSS2 Core 3557
RGSS202J.dll RGSS2 Core 3944
RGSS300.dll RGSS3 Core 2542
RGSS301.dll RGSS3 Core 2266
rhttpaa.dll RPC/HTTP Downlevel Side-by-side Runtime 1547
RIARES7.DLL PCL Unidrv модуль подключения драйвера принтера 2552
RIAUI17.DLL PCL Unidrv UI модуль подключения драйвера принтера 2161
RIAUI27.DLL PCL Unidrv UI модуль подключения драйвера принтера 582
riched20.dll Rich Text Edit Control, v3.1 918
riched32.dll Wrapper Dll for Richedit 1.0 3376
rigpsnap.dll Remote Installation Service Policy Snap-in 1234
riotlauncher.dll Maestro 3683
RIPSRES7.DLL PS Printer Driver Rendering Plugin 4098
RIPSUI7.DLL PS Printer Driver UI Plugin 2083
RjvAppX.dll Windows System Reset Platform Plugin for AppX Migration 1793
RjvClassicApp.dll Windows System Reset Platform Plugin for Classic App Migration 2619
RjvMDMConfig.dll Windows System Reset Platform Plugin for MDM Agent 3262
RjvPlatform.dll Windows Rejuvenation Platform 3318
rld.dll N/A 2344
rlmfc.dll N/A 2213
RMapi.dll Radio Manager API 3091
rmoc3260.dll Real Player(tm) ActiveX Control 1606
Rnaui.dll Granssnitt for Fjarranslutning 4043
rnr20.dll Windows Socket2 NameSpace DLL 1527
RoamingSecurity.dll Roaming Security implementation 2487
ROBOEX32.DLL RoboHELP Extensions for WinHelp 633
rockalldll.dll Rockall Heap Manager DLL 723
Rockey2.dll N/A 910
rometadata.dll Microsoft MetaData Library 1251
RotMgr.dll Auto-Rotation Manager 995
ROUTETAB.DLL Microsoft Routing Table DLL 947
RpcDiag.dll RPC Diagnostics 1907
RpcEpMap.dll RPC Endpoint Mapper 1685
rpchttp.dll RPC HTTP DLL 946
RPCLTC3.DLL RPC TCP/IP Client Interface DLL 984
RPCLTS3.DLL RPC TCP/IP Server Interface DLL 886
RPCNDFP.dll RPC NDF Helper Class 2045
RpcNs4.dll Remote Procedure Call Name Service Client 4228
rpcnsh.dll RPC Netshell Helper 4644
rpcref.dll Microsoft Internet Information Services RPC helper library 3669
rpcrt4.dll Remote Procedure Call Runtime 4498
RpcRtRemote.dll Remote RPC Extension 732
rpcss.dll Distributed COM Services 557
rpshell.dll RealPlayer Shell Extensions 806
rpt.dll Kaspersky Anti-Virus Report Library 4859
rsaenh.dll Microsoft Enhanced Cryptographic Provider 3151
rsfsaps.dll FSA Proxy / Stub 2345
rshx32.dll Security Shell Extension 4844
rsl.dll Roxio Support Library 4667
RSManager.dll Citrix RS Manager DLL 4308
RSMGRSTR.dll Языковой ресурс Brother MFL Pro R/M 3460
RSMHook.dll Citrix Reverse Seamless Manager Applicaton Hook DLL 4832
RSMHook64.dll Citrix Reverse Seamless Manager Applicaton Hook DLL 2079
rsmps.dll RSM Proxy Stub 1524
rsproc.dll N/A 1127
RSSParser.dll N/A 2925
RstrtMgr.dll Restart Manager 3539
rsvpmsg.dll DLL-fil for RSVP-meddelanden 4887
rsvpperf.dll Microsoft® Windows(TM) RSVP Performance Monitor 3035
RSVPSP.DLL Microsoft Windows Rsvp 1.0 Service Provider 3980
rtffilt.dll RTF Filter 3776
rtipxmib.dll Microsoft Router IPX MIB subagent 2249
rtm.dll Routing Table Manager 2427
Rtmmvras.dll Microsoft Real Time Media Office AirSpace Video Renderer 568
rtmpal.dll Microsoft Real Time Media Stack PAL for ORTC 3230
rtutils.dll Routing Utilities 2910
RTWorkQ.dll Realtime WorkQueue DLL 1081
Run32.dll N/A 2480
Rupdate.dll RUpdate 534
rw_data.dll N/A 2243
RW001Ext.dll Ricoh WIA драйвер для Aficio IS01 996
RW330Ext.dll Ricoh WIA Scanner UI Extension DLL 1877
RW430Ext.dll Ricoh WIA Scanner UI Extension DLL 3174
RW450Ext.dll Ricoh WIA Scanner UI Extension DLL 2328
RWia001.dll WIA Scanner Driver 4499
RWia330.dll WIA Scanner Driver 3764
RWia430.dll WIA Scanner Driver 4647
RWia450.dll WIA Scanner Driver for IS450 2229
rwnh.dll RWNH 3446